I hate these things. I rather hope that common sense would prevail but in these litigous times (and to keep insurance companies happy) I have to have one.

Time to state what should be obvious. I’ve made every effort to make sure the information in this blog is accurate and not misleading and it is provided in the hope that it will be helpful in framing your decisions. However my liability to you for its use is restricted (to the extent allowed by statute) to the amount you paid for it – ie nowt

HMRC is a law unto itself. Only Acts of Parliaments and Statutory Instruments have the force of law, and courts are the only ones that can interpret those authoritatively. Everything else is just opinion however much money you pay for it.
If you want insurance, then you can cross my palm with a large bag of silver and I’ll keep an increasingly tiny amount and give the rest of it to my Professional Indemnity Insurer (Messrs Dick Turpin & Co.).

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